Tell Your Story Through The Power of Video

My experience in video production and editing covers everything from scriptwriting and storyboarding to filming, editing, and post-production. I have experience in creating promotional videos, corporate videos, product demonstrations, and more. I work closely with directors, producers, and/or clients to understand their vision and objectives for the project. Throughout the process, I prioritize clear communication with all team members, meeting deadlines, and openness to feedback and revisions. My goal is to create a final product that effectively tells a story, engages the audience, and meets the project’s objectives.

Stop-Motion Video

Bringing Imagination to Life, Frame by Frame


I specialize in creating captivating stop-motion videos that add a touch of magic to your stories.

Stop motion is a unique animation technique that brings inanimate objects to life through a series of carefully orchestrated movements. I stitch the frames together in post-production to create a seamless and visually stunning stop-motion video.

Concept Development

Set Design and Prop Creation

Animation Production

Post-Production and Editing

Video Transitions

Artfully Crafted Video Transitions


Transitions can be the seamless bridges between scenes or shots, enhancing the flow and visual appeal of your video content. They can also be loud dramatic visual appeal that catches the viewer’s eye and keeps them engaged. From simple cuts to elaborate effects, I can create transitions to help create a cohesive and engaging viewing experience.


Adding Life Through Sound


Adding audio can be a key component in adding more life to your videos whether it’s just a simple music track or sound fx. I have experience synchronizing and mixing audio tracks, adjusting levels and adding sound effects as necessary.

In the following examples to the right, you will see a spooky-themed social ad for a pen company. This presented challenges in terms of how to truly capture the essence of horror from something as simple as a pen. I worked with a team to determine video shots that would be good, but played with no sound it didn’t quite convey our vision successfully. I then went digging for sound effects to truly emerge the viewer in the Halloween vibe. 

The next two are examples of music and interview audio added to tell a story. Additionally, both videos start with sound effects to help bring the viewer into the scene.