Verticle Endeaovrs

Creative Marketing Director

Vertical Endeavors & Nicros


Vertical Endeavors and Nicros Inc. are sister companies operating out of the same office. As the Creative Marketing Director, I lead a team that was responsible for all the marketing efforts for both companies.

Vertical Endeavors was a B2C business operating 6 rock climbing gyms in Minnesota and Illinois including 4 in the Twin Cities area alone. Nicros was B2B focused and built climbing walls, handholds, and other needs for climbing gyms, university rec centers, and fitness centers across the nation.


One of the first objectives I had was reviewing and updating the branding of Vertical Endeavors and Nicros.

Vertical Endeavors: We clearly defined the Vertical Endeavors brand by most importantly establishing one voice rather than each gym being separate from another. I redesigned the VE website to reflect one unified company.  We established colors, fonts, and logos to be used throughout all gyms. As one company we established the slogan “Climb VE” to be used in social, email, and print media.

Nicros: I lead the efforts to expand on their existing branding by identifying colors, fonts and taglines. I re-designed the Shop website to reflect a clean modern layout. We updated outdated catalogs and other various print materials. We also de-designed the tradeshow booth to coincide with our updated branding 


Coordinating the Grand Opening of a New Gym

I had the opportunity to work with Vertical Endeavors as they expanded, opening a new gym with a dedicated fitness area and yoga space which not only added a new location but new service offerings with personal training and yoga classes. My team and I were heavily involved in every step from inception to the grand opening event.


  • Mock-up building graphics on the outside
  • Mock-up inside paint colors and placement
  • Shoot and edit videos of the building process and post it creating excitement.
  • Create banners, posters, and other marketing materials


  • Send a press release announcing the new gym
  • Create a long-term marketing plan leading up to the Grand Opening event to build excitement.
  • Coordinated soft-opening members-only event to capture content and create buzz.



Web Design

As the Creative Marketing Director at Vertical Endeavors, I was in charge of the complete redesign of our website. 


Vertical Endeavors owned and operated 6 rock climbing gyms in Minnesota and Illinois, with 4 of those being located in the Twin Cities. Before I redesigned the website, each location had its own website that was very outdated and very hard to navigate. If a customer wanted information from another gym they had to move to another website entirely.


  • Create ONE unified website that unified the brand entirely
  • Make it easier to navigate and bring more attention to upcoming programs, events, and sales.
  • Modernize it by utilizing imagery, full width, and responsive layout.

Graphic Design

Working as a graphic designer for a rock climbing company offered an opportunity to merge my love for design with my adventurous spirit. My responsibilities here were to take on graphic design projects myself as well as oversee team members with other graphic design needs. I had six rock climbing gyms and Nicros Inc. that all relied on me and my team to make sure we had the proper marketing materials for every occasion. My graphic design role ranged from competition and program posters, to social and web imagery, and print ads. 


Competition Posters

Sale Annoucments

Social Graphics

Catalog Design

One of the projects that really stood out to me as a fun undertaking was re-designing our Nocros Hold* catalog for our upcoming tradeshows. We approached this re-design from two angles.

    1. Simply re-create our existing catalog with updated designs and products. Creating a more eye-catching book was the goal.
    2. I noticed the industry had taken a turn with social media being so big to present their products in a “cool” way. A way that wasn’t exactly what they were intended for but was relatable at the same time. So I had a photoshoot with a fellow climber, the product, and even some dogs! I refer to this catalog as the “Lifestyle Catalog”

Click here to view the entire Lifestyle Catalog

Click here to view the entire Product Handbook Catalog


*In indoor rock climbing, a hold refers to a specific feature or grip point on the climbing wall that climbers use to hold onto or step on during their ascent. Holds come in various shapes, sizes, and textures, and they are strategically placed on the climbing wall to create routes or problems for climbers to solve. Holds are very carefully considered by gyms before purchasing.


Email Marketing and Design

Email marketing was a powerful tool for both Vertical Endeavors and Nicros to engage and convert our respective audiences. I was in charge of scheduling, content creation, distribution, and reporting of all email marketing activities from the two sister companies. Having re-defined brand guidelines for both companies and massive web design overhauls, re-designing our email marketing campaigns was next. Our goal was to drive traffic to the point of purchase through thoughtful placement of CTAs, clear and concise messaging and mobile-responsive layouts to ensure that the email is easily digestible and encourages recipients to take the desired next steps.




My responsibilities in photography ranged from:

Product Photography for catalogs and web | Athlete Photography  | Program and Camp promotion 


Leading videography and editing was another hat I wore as the Creative Marekting Director at Verticle Endeavors and Nicros. This was early on in my exploration of the space of video and editing. My equipment consisted of one Canon Mark IV and a GoPro. Social Media was rapidly moving to video-first content and we needed to make sure we were keeping up. I ended up making a number of videos but below you can see a promotion for our membership sale and a video series of the build-up to the opening of a new gym.