Project Breif

I have created several social, web, and print ads for Target over the years ranging from still product images to elaborate stop-motion videos. For the sake of not overwhelming you, I will only show a few projects. Working with Target I am involved from start to finish. I am usually very active on-set assisting the photographers and guiding shots for the best possible post-production results. I am then the key piece to all post-production including basic photo clean-up, masking, shadowing, and video editing.

Below you can watch:


Video | Photo | Stop Motion | Animation

Programs Used

Valentine’s Day Stop Mo

The Valentine’s Day stop motion shoot was one of the more fun shoots to be a part of. The video is a sequence of photos where I move the “camera” around in post-production. Staging the photos to move the way we wanted while making it clean for post-production work required us to get very creative.

Star Wars Collaboration

Deals of the Week

Photo Editing

Step 1: Build the Tent Photo from various lighting shots

Step 2: Add green chair shot in studio

Step 3: Build out new tent shot in studio and prep to drop in outdoor scene

Step 4: Add tent shot in studio, add igloo cooler, and pull a tent from another add to drop in this ad.