Hammer Nutriton

Working as the Marketing Manager  for Hammer Nutrition


Hammer Nutrition is a sports nutrition company based in Whitefish, Montana. They supply fuels, supplements, and knowledge resources to endurance athletes of all kinds. As a Marketing Coordinator, my role encompassed a diverse range of responsibilities and tasks aimed at driving effective marketing strategies and campaigns. I worked closely with different departments, such as sales, product management, and creative teams, to align marketing efforts with broader business strategies. It allowed me to balance an analytical mindset with my creative spirit.

As the Marketing Manager my responsibilities included:

• Coordinated and managed marketing campaigns, including email marketing, social media advertising, and content creation.

• Conducted research and analysis to understand target audiences, market trends, and competitor activities to inform creative direction.

• Developed and executed strategies to reach untapped markets.

• Managed social media platforms, including content creation, scheduling, community engagement, and performance tracking.

• Manage sponsored athletes and brand ambassadors program.

• Assist with the content creation and planning of Hammer Nutrition’s magazine: “Endurance News”

• Collect, review, and organize digital assets.

• Edit Hammer Nutrition Fueling Expert Videos for Youtube.

• Take and edit product and lifestyle photos for various outlets including print and web.

• Managed the Hammer Nutrition brand re-design by coordinating with the internal team and external agency, gathering feedback, and implementing new packing designs.

• Created compelling press releases to effectively communicate brand messages to our target audiences.

• Fostered and maintained relationships with key media contacts, journalists, and influencers, resulting in media coverage across print and digital platforms.

Endurance News

Endurance News is an in-house magazine that we created on a quarterly basis and sent out to our customers. 

As the Marketing Manager, I was also responsible for managing our sponsored athlete and brand ambassador programs. Among my duties, I was responsible for collecting images, and testimonials, and interviewing athletes for content to be featured in the magazine.

I also played an important role in creating an outline for each magazine issue and recommending topics that should be covered based on industry research, social feedback, and customer questions. Once an outline was created I assisted with assigning writing responsibilities to appropriate people including taking on writing articles myself.

The Atypical Hammer Athlete
I created the section “The Atypical Hammer Athlete” as a way to promote the use of our products beyond the traditional and successful markets of running, biking, and swimming. One of the goals when I was hired is reaching athletes beyond our tri-athlete market. I found that using the magazine as a tool to promote athletes was an effective way to motivate other athletes to share their stories with us. After all, who doesn’t want to be featured in a magazine? Therefore we dedicated a section of the magazine to both “The Atypical Hammer Athlete” and “How I Hammer” which were both customer-driven content meant to increase brand engagement and drive further promotion to other athletes.


During my time as the Marketing Manager I created the slogan “How I Hammer” mainly for social media purposes to drive our customers to show off their sports and a connection to our products. Our products were widely known among triathletes but we wanted to convey a message that nutrition products are for every athlete in any sport. How I Hammer was a way for people to take pride in whatever sport they were doing.

I featured athletes in our Endurance News magazine who used the #howihammer as a way to create a buzz and motivation for more athletes to join in.

Public Relations

A marketing strategy that I have always found effective is the creation of native advertising. An important way to achieve this is to develop relationships with media outlets in order to get stories and products featured in their respective media platforms.  During my time at Hammer, I fostered and maintained relationships with key media contacts, journalists, and influencers, resulting in media coverage across print and digital platforms. I created and distrubted press releases covering athlete achievements, product launches, and other company announcements. 

Packaging Design

I had the opportunity to work at Hammer Nutrition during a time when we redesigned our product packaging and our in-store display shelves. We initially outsource design elements to an agency that I was responsible for maintaining all communication with. During the first draft of packing options, I conducted a focus group of local athletes to understand what they saw in each design and if there was anything they looked for. We identified issues such as clearly communicating the flavor and essentially what the product is. That became the priority of the new design. Our second objective was to connect the product and our customers to where we were from. Hammer Nutrition is based in Northwest Montana so we tied that in featured photos of the surrounding landscape.  I was in charge of capturing photos to be used on all prodcuts.