Project Breif

EVEREVE is a fashion and styling company that needed a series of videos for vlogs, social channels, and youtube. I assisted during studio shoots and edited all the footage. Highlighted below are particular fun examples of the work. The catalog video shows a fun combination of stop motion and video. And the Getaway list ends with an energetic montage of motion graphics. Hope you enjoy!

Below you can watch:


Video | Stop Motion

Programs Used

Catalog Video

The catalog video is a series of still images sequenced together to create a stop-motion animation. Then snappy zoom transitions are added to bring more life. My favorite part of the project is jumping back anf fourth between the photos in the catalog and the pre shot B roll footage.

The Getaway List

The Getaway List walks through specific outfits that are recommended for the perfect getaway. I have the video queued to start near the end to specifically show up the fashion show montage. The client wanted to end the video with a fast-paced and energetic montage of all the outfits, so I decided to incorporate some motion graphics and fun transitions to bring it to life.

Social Videos

Denim Discussion