Duluth Trading Co

Project Breif

Duluth Trading Co has been one of the more demanding video editing roles I have taken on mainly due to sheer volume. In that large volume, however, there have been a lot of very fun and rewarding videos I have been able to leave my fingerprint on. The work includes a variety such as:

  • Lifestyle Stories
  • Prodcut Highlights utilizing motion grpahics
  • Stop Motion catalog highlight

Below you can watch:


Video | Animation | Stop- Motion

Programs Used

USA Luge

The Tech Jacket

The Tech Jacket video was a social stop-motion video meant to demonstrate the benefits and features of the product. This video is really made up of a few photo sequences but the movement around the jacket is all manually done by me combining the still to create the illusion a camera pans to the next section.

Catalog Video

The catalog video was made using a combination of photos and videos we shot throughout the season. We laid down the catalog and snapped a number of shots flipping through it. I then took those shots and added some movement and zoom transitions to bring it to life.


International Women’s Day

Product Highlights

Green Bay Packers & Duluth Trading Co.

I got the opportunity to work on collaboration videos between DTC and The Greenbay Packers along with comedian Charlie Berens.

The first video below, the beaver running out of the tunnel, was one shot with the camera following behind and then doing one circle around. This presented a lot of opportunities for me to play around in order to create a compelling visual that gets the viewer excited. Sound effects were added to help bring it to life. I also added the smoke and fireworks to help make a more climactic impact.

Please note: The clients requested black and green for the colors of the fireworks