Caribou Coffee

Project Breif

I have created several social/ web ads for Caribou Coffee. The main goal has been focused on promoting a certain drink or in most examples below the launch of their new mobile app. Working with Caribou presented fun opportunities to utilize green screens which required a lot of post-production work to remove green spills and make transparencies where needed.

Below you can watch:


Green Screen Video | Photo

Programs Used

Mobile App Launch

Ready When You Are

Further promotion of the Caribou App, they wanted to shoot a variety of drinks being made to convey a coffee that is ready when you are. The client wanted to have flexibility with the background along with the consistency that comes with studio shoots vs. in an actual store. Additionally, all drinks were requested to be video and photo. We shot all the drinks on green screen then I keyed out the drinks, added in the backgrounds, fixed any green spill, and color corrected to match the inside of the store.